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New Parents Need a Village

Parenthood can be one of the most joyful experiences of our lives. But it comes with its own challenges and COVID ain’t helping.

Many parents, especially mothers, find themselves not only overwhelmed but shocked when they are unable to recognize themselves and their lives after childbirth. The reality of motherhood can look orders of magnitude more difficult than previously imagined.

And in spite of many gains toward gender equality, many heterosexual couples find themselves acting out traditional roles that can increase friction and confusion when new parents most need clarity and support.

Or you may just wonder what’s normal for yourself and your family, need solutions to everyday problems, want treatment for postpartum mood changes, or want to spend time with other parents.

Some of my clients have parenting-related concerns. In addition to individual sessions with me, here is a partial list of additional online resources. These entries focus on support and connection but also include links to basic information regarding child development and care. Please feel free to let me know if you find these helpful or not.

I have not independently verified these services and do not guarantee you will find them helpful. They do not represent a clinical recommendation from me as a provider. They are intended as a good-faith effort to connect readers to optional resources. I encourage you to make your own decisions about utilizing these resources and discuss your experiences or concerns with me individually. I do not have any conflicts of interest or material gain from these resources.

Wishing my patients and their families complete wellness. - Karen Keys, LMHC

Referral Call Center, Lists of Resources, Compilations:

Social ‘dating’ Mom apps:

  • Peanut -


  • Socialmama

  • (hyper-local mom social networking)

Misc Support Groups and Connections:

Facebook Groups for Specific Populations:

Post-partum Counseling, Support, Perinatal adjustments, mood disorders etc. Paid counseling treatment.

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