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With Revolutionary Love & Relentless Optimism, from Valerie Kaur

During these very straining and painful times, we feel all manner of injuries to the spirit. These injuries can overwhelm our natural impulses to connection and healing. My practice does not promote religion unless you yourself find solace and strength in your own path. Additionally, my practice values all people, regardless of country or other characteristics. So, respectfully, I have paraphrased and share Ms. Kaur's remarks for the encouragement and company they provide.

NOV 9, 2016

In our tears and agony, we hold our children close and confront the truth: The future is dark.

But I ask: What if this darkness is not the darkness of the tomb, but the darkness of the womb? What if our dreams are not dead but a still waiting to be born? What if the story is of one long labor?

What if all the mothers & fathers who came before us, who survived genocide and occupation, slavery and Jim Crow, racism and xenophobia and Islamophobia, political oppression and sexual assault, are standing behind us now, whispering in our ear: You are brave. What if this is our Great Contraction before we birth a new future?

Remember the wisdom of the midwife: “Breathe,” she says. Then: “Push.”

Now it is time to breathe. But soon it will be time to push; soon it will be time to fight — for those we love — Muslim father, Sikh son, trans daughter, indigenous brother, immigrant sister, white worker, the poor and forgotten, and the ones who cast their vote out of resentment and fear.

Let us make an oath to fight for all our souls with Revolutionary Love and relentless optimism.

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